Digital Initiatives

Gracie Mansion Conservancy’s digital content expands the  primary mission of the Conservancy – to enliven and preserve the historic relevance of Gracie Mansion, to educate visitors via the decorative items located in the house, to increase accessibility to the Mansion and its stories, and to cultivate a curiosity and exploration of the mansion and the city it serves. We are committed to bolstering our digital experiences by providing content that compliments our in person offerings.



The logotype "GracieConnect!" is stamped on a white bubble. The bubble is center on a soft navy blue background.

Created by Lydia-Rose Aigbedion GracieConnect! is a digital initiative that explores the historical links of Gracie Mansion’s Permanent Collection to greater New York City. Featured here is the GracieConnect! Logo created by Diane Zhou



GracieConnect! is a digital initiative created to highlight Gracie Mansion’s connection to greater New York City through items in the permanent collection. Learn about the interconnected history of Gracie Mansion via monuments, parks, and other Historic Houses in New York City by clicking below! 

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